The Calm-a-Lid is a non-invasive head covering for alpacas and other camelids for use in handling and procedures. The Calm-a-Lid reduces stress by blocking and protecting the animal's vision, making it easier to work with.

The Calm-a-Lid offers eye protection for the animal. Alpacas do not close their eyes during shearing and their eyes can come in contact with dust and fiber. These have the potential to cause damage and even blindness.

The Calm-a-Lid was developed during ground-breaking studies of camelid reproduction. With stress being a huge influence on reproduction, it was key to find a way to minimize stress as much as possible. Stress can cause abortion, varying body weight, and health issues. Thus the Calm-a-Lid was born.

However, the Calm-a-Lid doesn't just work for research and ultrasounding - it was designed to be used during nearly every procedure necessary for your animals. Check-ups, nail trimming, teeth trimming, injections, and even shearing are only some of the wonderful times to employ the Calm-a-Lid. It is non-invasive, unintrusive and it protects your animal's eyes during these procedures. It will not only make things less stressful, but also faster, safer, and easier than ever before!
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